One Day in Haiti, Part II

So finally we’re on our way heading through the border. I’m driving and Alida snaps pics from inside the car. We go through the gate into a crowd.

The river is the border, both banks are Haitian. From the bridge.

We are now in Haiti.

Unbelievable. The pictures don’t give a full image of what we saw.



We saw several UN trucks and soldiers.

But onward we go.

We pass the police station/customs department.

They would hold the truck up later on.

Deeper we drive through the town of Ouanaminthe. The orphanage is outside town.


Some street scenes.

Wherever there was a stream or puddle, folks were doing their laundry.



Finally, we arrive at the orphanage.

The front porch of the home.



Alida is greeted at the door with smiles.