One Day in Haiti, Part IV
But now it’s lunchtime, and the young kids get fed first, helped by the older kids:

The chef prepares today’s meal, the same meal as yesterday and the same meal as tomorrow. They eat just once a day:

The meal: rice, coarse pasta, a few onions…and a big blob of mayonnaise 3 times a week. They eat little if any protein and the mayo gives them ~some~ fat. It’s no wondering these kids…and the adults…are malnourished.

I was quietly pissed Haitian customs was holding up hundreds of pounds of canned meat destined for these kids.

But they seemed to enjoy it.

I wandered around some more and found what I was later told were the “classrooms”.

I heard some muffled sounds in one and investigated.

That’s water from the cooked pasta they’re eating. It looked like dishwater. They thought it was dessert.






Chef was working hard and seemed like a nice man.



I liked his boots.