Observations on Life in Paradise, Part II
  • Living with 10% of your stuff is imminently doable. It’s amazing how few possessions happiness requires. Motersickels excluded, of course.
  • Dominican street dogs affirm Darwin: the dumb ones never get to reproduce.
  • Dogs enhance a good life. Toby-our 4 y.o. Great Dane that came from a friend’s pack, Perla- the little white street dog puppy that wandered in one day and won the Street Doggie Lottery, and Jackie-the Jack Russell pup just wandering the golf course, covered in dirt-make us laugh every day.

Toby and Alida’s very young niece

  • If you think you’re a good golfer, invite an experienced Dominican caddy to play a round with you. A caddy that was assigned to me at the Jarabacoa Golf Club Christmas member-caddy Tourney shot 5 under par for 9 holes with my old set of cheapie clubs…and complained about his game. Humbling, indeed.
  • I’d rather eat modeling clay than a boiled platano. But I’ll kill for platanos maduros fritos. What a difference fructose makes.
  • If Spanish was mathematics or physics, I’d be fully fluent. My brain needs better wiring for language. It’s a continuous struggle to improve.
  • Dominican beef sucks. Dominican pork, chicken and goat are off the chart.


Robert’s Pork Ribs…Yum!

Carne Mixta at Hotel Las Salinas

Scenic Overlook, Boca del Diablo

  • Life is MUCH less expensive at under 700kwh per month.
  • Styrofoam containers have more of a negative impact on life in the DR than Drug Lords do.
  • Sour Orange is excellent in iced tea.