Observations on Life in Paradise, Part III
  • Most Dominicans are polite enough to hear criticism of their country and how much better where you came from is than their country, but they really don’t want to hear from you.
  • The best way to truly experience the DR is on a motorcycle. Repeat: The best way to truly experience the DR is on a motorcycle.
  • If I had to describe the DR in one word, it would be “loud.”
  • Alcohol sales may stop at 12 or 2am, but the noise doesn’t.

Coffee and postre stop at Restaurant Alta Vista

Goofin’ off at Samana Harbor

  • The fatter your wallet, the more handsome and charming young Dominicanas think you are.
  • Nature is working full-time to reclaim the island. That is why the roads are never complete.
  • That mob thinks they are standing in line.
  • Pedro Santana, radio DJ, keeps my music mojo intact.
  • If Milton had been Dominican, Mayes (pronounced “Mah Jays;”  a “noseeum” that is a genetic cross between a mosquito and a rabid piranha) would occupy their own level of Hell. My guess would be between the 7th and 8th Circle.
  • Dominican politics and elections are better than most spectator sports. We just finished the Presidential elections. Whew! It’s like cleaning up after a New Year’s party here…with a hangover.
  • Seriously. Don’t drink the water. Ever.
  • Starbucks has nothing on Monte Alto coffee.

View from the Atlantic Turistico highway

I’ll post some more observations later. In the meantime, welcome to my life in the Dominican Republic. Enjoy.

And Let’s Ride!


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