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MotoCaribe tours of the Dominican Republic will present many different riding conditions, from twisty mountain roads, to congested city streets to hard packed dirt roads. Riders considering one of our tours must be in good physical condition. Your safety during the tour is our primary concern! The weather is tropical-it does rain and temperatures range from 75 to 95 depending on the season. We recommend that riders and passengers bring appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. We will advise you of the weather as the date of your tour approaches. Rain gear is always a must. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask!

This is not a motorcycle tour for novice riders or a venue to learn how to properly operate a motorcycle!

Due to the inherent dangers of motorcycle riding, the following are essential MotoCaribe requirements:


  • All Riders must have a valid motorcycle driver’s license from your state or country or Motorcycle Safety Foundation Certification or equivalent.
  • All participants must sign the MotoCaribe Liability Waiver form prior to tour commencement.
  • Riders must have a minimum of two years and 5,000 miles riding experience.
  • Both Riders and Passengers must wear a DOT approved helmet and protective eyewear at all times on the motorcycle. (We can provide a full face flip-up helmet for the tour, but we recommend you bring your own.)
  • We are ATGATT and require proper riding pants, jackets, gloves and footwear while riding.
  • All riders must be at least 23 years old.
  • The use of drugs and/or alcohol is strictly forbidden while riding at any time. Our motto: “8 hours from the bottle to the throttle.”
  • All riders must be comfortable riding in a variety of conditions including rain, twisty mountain roads, switchbacks and the possibility of gravel or debris on the pavement.
  • All riders must be comfortable operating a minimum 650cc displacement modern motorcycle.
  • Riders with passengers must have prior experience riding in the above-mentioned conditions with a passenger aboard.
  • All riders must consistently ride within their own skill, experience and comfort levels, as directed by our lead motorcyclist.

Payment and Refund Policy:


  • A $400 deposit per guest reserves your tour seat. The balance is due 2-weeks before the start date of your tour. Payments are made via PayPal unless other arrangements are approved in advance.
  • Full deposit refund if you cancel more than 30 days prior to the tour date. A credit of your deposit will be applied to a future tour if you cancel within 30 days of your tour. The deposit is transferable.
  • We require a $300 cash deposit against damages to the motorcycle. This deposit is immediately refunded at the end of the tour if the motorcycle has no damage. The damage deposit can be made in cash at time of signing of the Waiver, or paid in advance. Your damage liability is limited to $500.

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