Our Christmas in Haiti Adventure
MotoCaribe is working on a huge project that involves filming in Haiti. To maximize time, money and content, we’ve been requesting an appointment with the Minister of Tourism of the Haitian government.

And after many months, her office called on December 17th: “Can you meet with the Minister on December 26th in her office in Port-a-Prince?”

You bet we would. We’d crawl over crushed glass to meet her.

We decided to go on Christmas Day, early in the morning, because we had an invitation for Christmas Dinner at the residence of a ranking officer of the US Embassy in Haiti.

Along the way, and on our trip in Haiti, we took some pictures and videos.

The trip was a fantastic success, and we’ll be back for the film production. And if all goes really well, we might even start an annual tour through Haiti for the truly adventurous riders.

If you ever wanted to know what crossing the Haiti-DR border and traveling in and around Port-a-Prince is like, enjoy these videos:

    Christmas in Haiti, Part I
    On Christmas Day we drive from Camp Moto in the Dominican Republic to Port-au-Prince, Haiti for important meetings on the 26th for our big project. It was quite the trip! We took pictures and video to share the adventure. Part 1 of 3.
    Christmas in Haiti, Part II
    We had a chance to explore Petionville and Port-a-Prince on our second day in Haiti, quite an enlightening experience and challenged our pre-conceived ideas of what Haiti was like. Part 2 of 3.
    Christmas in Haiti, Part III
    Our final day in Haiti before going back to the Dominican Republic. We got a chance to do more exploring before heading to the border. The trip was a major success! We'll be back! Part 3 of 3