North Coast Tour

“MotoCaribe was founded in 2007 on a simple premise that guides all we do today: to offer all riders worldwide the greatest value on the planet in supported, exotic motorcycle tours, period.


We do much more than ride. We adventure.”

-Robert Cooper, Founder

Forget the boring Americanized vacation to a resort, looking at the same beach all week. THIS is the full Dominican riding experience. The pineapple plantations, coconut groves, crashing ocean waves, high mountain vistas and kids in school uniforms waving and shouting “Hola!”—that is what you will get.

Judi M.

Charter Boat Captain

The MotoCaribe North Coast Tour is the original MotoCaribe tour and the one for your Bucket List.

This tour starts in the tropical mountain town of Jarabacoa (“ha dah bah COH ah”), spends a day touring the central mountains, winds through the road we call “The Tail of the Iguana”, along the oceanfront north coast to the Samana peninsula, one of the most tropical regions in the Caribbean.

We spend a day exploring the peninsula, a day relaxing on a breathtaking beach enjoying lobster lunch, then travel back through the northern range and finish with a day riding some of the most amazing mountain roads on the planet.

The North Coast Tour travels through two of the country’s four distinct climate zones.

Tour highlights include:

  • Salto Jimenoa
  • Salto El Limon
  • Horseback riding
  • Coffee processor tour
  • Beachside lunches
  • Fabulous beachside resorts
  • The historic Las Hermanas Mirabal museum
  • Playa Rincon

  • Boca del Diablo
  • Laguna Dudu
  • Playa Magante
  • The towns of Jarabacoa, Manabao, La Vega, Moca, Jamao, Gaspar Hernandez, Rio San Juan, La Entrada, Samana, Las Galeras, Las Terrenas, El Limon, Salcedo and Constanza.
  • And, of course, epic motorcycling.
    North Coast Route
    Enjoy a virtual ride on the MotoCaribe North Coast Tour from arrival through departure.
The North Coast Tour is offered in 8 and 9-Day tours.

  • The 8-Day North Coast Tour is the original MotoCaribe Tour.
  • The 9-Day North Coast Carnival Tour, offered only in February, includes an extra day for Carnival in La Vega, a spectacular cultural treasure of sight & sound.

All North Coast Tours are on 99% paved roads and are a joy for those who enjoy the twisties. These tours are in the “tropical zone” of the Dominican Republic.

The North Coast Tour is approximately 1000km.

All MotoCaribe Tours are excellent for 2-up touring.

If you can only take one MotoCaribe Tour, this is the one!




8-Day North Coast Tour

  • The first & original MotoCaribe Tour
  • 2018 Dates:
  • October 13 – 20
  • 2019 Dates:
  • March 31 – April 7
  • April 21 – April 30
  • Pillion & Van Tour: $1795
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9-Day North Coast Carnival Tour

  • The 8-Day tour with an extra day in Paradise to enjoy Carnival in La Vega, a spectacular cultural festival of color, sight and sound!
  • 2019 Date:
  • February 16 – 24
  • Pillion & Van Tour: $2095
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