Why MotoCaribe?

“MotoCaribe was founded in 2007 on a simple premise that guides all we do today: to offer all riders worldwide the greatest value on the planet in supported, exotic motorcycle tours, period.


We do much more than ride. We adventure.”

-Robert Cooper, Founder


Why MotoCaribe? Let us present Five Reasons Why:

1.  We have operated MotoCaribe for 8 years and know what makes an awesome Caribbean experience!  That experience is proven in our competence in every tour we offer. There is a reason guests come back for more tours.

2.  We operate our tours personally and own all our equipment. MotoCaribe is “us” and we are heavily invested in nuts and bolts of all we do. We offer some of the most  “high-touch” tours on the planet and take personal pride in delivering more than we promise. Your experience is the focus of all we do.

3.  We know the Dominican Republic in more detail than anyone guaranteeing an amazing experience. We know the roads, routes, hotels, hidden treasures and venues like few others, and are constantly looking for improvements. Our guests repeatedly ask “How did you guys know about this place?”

4.  We ride the Suzuki V-Strom DL650, one of the most proven, respected motorcycles ever made. While there are many great motorcycles, the V-Strom gives you the biggest possible bang-for-the-buck  for your tour.

5.   The Dominican Republic is a hidden treasure of the Caribbean with some of the most fantastic motorcycling roads on the planet. If you want to ride where few have gone before, come ride in the Caribbean tropical wonderland of the Dominican Republic.

6. NO motorcycle tours ANYWHERE offer the bang-for-the-buck value as MotoCaribe. The cost for the experience with MotoCaribe is unmatched in any motorcycle tour anywhere!

We promised you Five Reasons and delivered Six.

    Dominican Carnival Blast, 2014
    MotoCaribe spends the day at Carnival, a festive national tradition of sight and sound, in La Vega in February 2014. All MotoCaribe tours in February include a day at Carnival.

Offering up American standards of quality, piloting like-new motorcycles in an exotic, developing nation, MotoCaribe tours are a tremendous bargain.


Robert promised that his tours are just like riding with friends. Check. He also said that I’d fall in love with the place just as he did more than 20 years ago. Yes, I’ll be back to this beautiful, diverse country of contrasts. Check mate.

Eric Putter

Journalist, UltimateMotorcyclist.com